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Friends of Hancock Park School

The Friends of Hancock Park School conducts parent volunteer-led fundraising activities with the hope that we can raise sufficient funds to continue providing quality enrichment to all our children’s educational and social experiences at Hancock Park Elementary School.

Our fundraising activities include our Annual Giving Campaign, Walk-A-Thon, the selling of School Spirit Wear, and yearbooks. In addition, we seek grants and corporate donations. Our fundraising events not only raise money for our students’ educational programs above and beyond what the district provides, but they build and foster relationships within our school and the community.

The Board


President: Danielle Schenker Peters
Co-Treasurer: Inese Svikkalne
Co-Treasurer: Michelle Jones
Secretary: Laura Robbins

Vice Presidents
Tara Copeland

Nicole Steuch

Andrew Eastwick

Elizabeth Alvarado

Stephanie Lewis

Jenny Park

Sean Doorly

April Tarlow

Kat Kirkwood

Krista Amigone

Tene Prager

About Friends of Hancock Park School

EIN: 95-4112630
Classification (NTEE)
Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501(c)(3)


Friends of Hancock Park Elementary School Bylaws

Revised August 19, 2020


Section 1: The name of the organization shall be “Hancock Park Elementary School Booster Club”.  The Hancock Park Booster Club is also known as the Friends of Hancock Park Elementary School and will be referred to in this document as “FoHPS.”  It shall be a 501c3 volunteer-run non-profit organization under the laws of the State of California.  The Federal ID # is 95-4112630 and was officially established in 1989.  The fiscal year runs from July 1, through June 30.  

Section 2: Purpose, goals and restrictions (minor variations annually):

Purpose: The purpose of the FoHPS shall be those stated in its Articles of Incorporation and as set forth herein.
To provide an enriching environment to the students of Hancock Park School (“HPS”) with various fundraisers and projects;
Provide educational enrichment programs that apply to current curriculum and standards;
Purchase needed school supplies and equipment;
Purchase and maintain technology equipment (computers, projectors, software/hardware, printers);
Provide teacher aides as needed;
Support musical and art programs;
Support our math program;
Help with disaster emergency supplies and preparedness;
Upgrade interior and exterior of general facility (cleaning, maintenance, painting, murals, benches, tables, playground equipment, shading);
Provide campus beautification (maintain and install trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers);
Recruit and organize parent volunteers and facilitate communication of school activities (emails, website, flyers);
Fundraise and manage funds properly.
**These goals may be altered as the needs of the school change and/or in the event of budget restrictions.

All enrichment programs or courses of study, and each of them, supported by FoHPS shall be made available on an equal basis to every student enrolled at HPS in the grade or grades for which such program or course of program is designed.
No such program or course of study supported by FoHPS shall discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or nation of origin among students of HPS.
No such program or course of study supported by FoHPS shall reflect the religious, social or political beliefs or doctrines of any outside institution, sect or denomination, party or organization.
The content and curriculum of all programs or course of study, and each of them, supported by FoHPS shall be subject to the approval of the Principal of HPS.
Nothing in this Section shall preclude the exclusion of a student from any or all such programs or course of study is such exclusion is based upon disciplinary considerations as determined by the Principal or Assistant Principal of HPS.

Eligibility for Membership: Any parent or guardian of a child at Hancock Park Elementary School is automatically a member of the FoHPS.  There are no applications or fees required to be a member.  Members may be solicited for donations from time to time.
Regular Meetings: There will be at least two regular member meetings held during the school year in which all members are invited to attend. Ideally, the meetings will be held monthly or bi-monthly for purposes of recruiting active involvement and participation.  Meetings will be held in the school auditorium or the school library, either in the evening or as a rotation between morning and evenings, to accommodate the general membership.  Time and dates of meetings are left up to the Board and the Principal and the schedule of the school calendar.  If monthly meetings are scheduled then regular dates and times are recommended.
Special Meetings: A special meeting of members may be called at any time by the Board, President, or any five members of the FoHPS for any lawful purpose, but the scope of a special meeting is limited to matters as stated in the notice of the meeting.  When a special meeting is called pursuant to this section, a date and purpose for such meeting will be announced via an e-blast and will be posted on the FoHPS website.  A minimum of ten days notice must be provided before a special meeting can commence.
Communication:  Notifications of meetings will be posted in the school calendar from the school office as well as the FoHPS website (, and in email blasts.  Flyers may be sent home to students about the first meeting of the year, but conservation of excess paper use is highly suggested.
Accessibility: Members are encouraged to attend General Membership meetings and air their concerns or propose new suggestions.  Members can at any time contact Board members via mail, email or in person to present ideas and concerns.  Board members may be contacted through the FoHPS email posted on the FOHPS’ site ( and through the use of the mailbox located in the main office.
Agenda: General membership meetings will be run by the Board.  All officers are expected to attend, if at all possible.  Committees, fundraisers, treasury reports, school concerns and new ideas will be discussed as needed at each meeting. Financial decisions usually should be made outside of general meetings, but if a majority of the officers are present, a vote will be allowed (for convenience of the officer’s time).

Section 1: Members of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors – The responsibility of the day-to-day management of the FoHPS shall be vested in the Board of Directors (“Board”).  The Board consists of a minimum of five officers, but may be enlarged as the need of the Board grows.  The Board includes the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Presidents.  The term of an office shall be one year, but an officer may be re-elected an unlimited amount of terms.  There is to be no paid compensation for the performance of the duties of the officers.  Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Secretary or the President of the Board of Directors.  Vacancies in any of the officer’s positions shall be replaced as quickly as possible.  
Section 2: Duties of the Board of Directors – are as follows:

President of the Board: Schedules Board (officer’s) meetings and presides over both the Board and the General Membership meetings.  The President will share signature rights with the Treasurer on the bank account.  The President shall also keep a yearly book/folder in which all minutes, notes, schedules, pamphlets, and pertinent yearly information is to be kept.  At the end of the school year, the folder shall be completed and kept as an archive for the future Board members to refer to.  The next year’s folder shall start immediately by the incoming President.  The books/folders shall be maintained for a minimum of five years.  A co-presidency is allowed if both parties agree and are voted in as co-presidents by the Board.  
Vice Presidents of the Board, also known as Project Leaders, (minimum 2, unlimited amount allowed): Shall chair special projects/committees as designated and approved by the Board.  All committees, if led by general members must have final oversight by a Vice President or a Board officer.  Vice Presidents will keep track of his or her committee and provide recap information as needed for the President’s binder.  
Secretary of the Board: Be responsible for taking notes and keeping records of the minutes from Board and General Membership meetings.  If the Secretary is unable to attend a Board meeting then a designee may assume the responsibility of taking notes and keeping records of the minutes from the Board and General Membership meeting.  Board meeting minutes are to be shared by the Secretary with all officers via email within two weeks of the Board meeting, and minutes from the General Membership meeting are to be posted online (website – within two weeks of the meeting. All minutes shall be provided electronically and preserved in the President’s binder.  A Secretary’s assistant may be allowed for purposes of back-up and training.
Treasurer of the Board: Keeps the financial bookkeeping of the Booster Club and makes all financial records/reports available to the Board.  The Treasurer is in custody of all the checks and records.  The Treasurer also prepares the records and reports at the end of the fiscal year for the accountant and oversees the filing of the taxes.  The Treasurer will keep his or her own yearly book which will pass onto the incoming Treasurer(s).  All records are to be kept for at least seven years for auditing purposes.  An assistant Treasurer may be allowed for purposes of training; however, the assistant will not hold signature rights. 
Section 3: Board Powers:

General Powers: The Board shall manage the business of the FoHPS, subject to the restrictions imposed by law, by the Articles of Incorporation and by the Bylaws.

Special Powers: Without prejudice to the general powers, the Board of Directors shall have the following powers:

To determine the means by which the FoHPS will raise funds to conduct its programs, and to appoint persons and or committees to carry out such fund raising activities. 
To plan and implement specific educational enrichment programs for the students of the School as approved by the Principal of HPE, and to enter into contracts with individuals or organizations for the provision of educational services or materials and to fix the terms and conditions of such contracts.
To designate individuals or appoint committees to administer particular educational enrichment programs.
To appoint and remove Officers, and to prescribe and assign their duties.
To make and change such rules and regulations for the conduct of the business of FoHPS and to ensure that any such change is consistent with these Bylaws.
Section 4: Guidelines Regarding the Handling of Money and Accountability

Deposits – Monies (Cash or Check) raised from FoHPS fundraising events shall be presented by the event chairperson or their designee to the Treasurer for deposit at the end of said fundraising event.  The chairperson of the event will be required to sign a verification form certifying the amount of money collected and being presented for deposit by the Treasurer.  This verification appears at the bottom of the Cash Verification Form which will be given to or made available to the chairperson of said fundraising event in advance.
Upon receipt of the monies from said fundraising event by the Treasurer, the Treasurer will provide a receipt for funds received, verify the amounts, and deposit said funds.   A copy of the deposit receipt shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

Cash Receipts – In the event that same day deposit is not possible of cash receipts, the cash receipts received shall be counted and verified by the event chair person and either the Treasurer and/or the President.  The cash receipts for deposit will then be sealed in an envelope and be kept by the Treasurer or President until a bank deposit can be made.  In the event that the Treasure or President is not available to verify and receive the cash receipts, the event chair person shall keep the cash receipts until the cash receipts can be verified and transferred to the Treasurer or President for deposit.  

All monies received by the Treasurer should be deposited in the FoHPS’ account as quickly as possible.  

Funds received shall never be placed in the personal account of any officer, but directly deposited into the FoHPS’ account.  

Reimbursements – Expenses presented to the Treasurer for reimbursement must be accompanied by an original receipt(s).  If an original receipt is not available, a copy may be presented and accepted by the Treasurer at the Treasure’s discretion.  Reimbursement amounts in excess of $100 require pre-approval from the Booster Club President before reimbursement can be made.  Reimbursements in excess of $2500.00 require approval of the majority of the Board.  Further, expenses presented for payment that are to be debited to an account that has reached its budgetary limit, will require special approval from the Booster Club Board before reimbursement can be made.
Debit Card/Credit Card – The President and Treasurer shall have sole access and authority to use the Gilmore Bank debit card.  Board approved purchases by Officers or other individuals can be made by check paid directly to a vendor or by an officer or individual’s personal credit or cash payment.  Board approved individual cash/credit expenditures, presented to the Treasurer with appropriate backup shall be reimbursed within fourteen days.  
Record Keeping- Financial records of the Booster Club include approved and paid bills, receipts, and bank statements with copies of canceled checks, all other books, procedures papers and correspondence pertaining to the position.  Financial records should be retained for seven years in the event of an IRS audit of other investigation.
Budget – All bills paid should be in accordance with the FOHPS’s Adopted budget.  If additional funds beyond the limit of the budget category are needed, permission must be obtained from the Board.
A motion to disburse Booster Club monies must be recorded in the minutes if it is not in the budget.  
Blank checks are never to be signed.  Checks should be filled in with the date, to whom it is made payable and, if necessary, estimate an amount.  The person using the check is responsible for a financial statement, receipts and for returning unused monies to the Booster Club. 
The checkbook register shall be kept up-to-date.
The bank statements shall be reconciled monthly, if not sooner.
Canceled and voided checks shall be kept with the appropriate bank statement.
Any notices received from the bank (i.e., insufficient funds notices) shall be kept with the appropriate bank statement. 
A complete written Treasurer’s report at every meeting (officer and general) shall be provided.  A signed copy of this report will be given to the president and the secretary and a copy kept as a permanent record in the Treasurer’s book. An annual report presented at the final meeting of the year will be filed there as well.

Section 1: Elections

The Officers of the Board of Directors shall be elected by simple majority of the Board Members present during the last annual FOHPS’ meeting.  The Officers of the Board of Directors shall be approved by the School Site Council.  School Site Council Board Members may run for a dual position on the FoHPS’ Board of Directors, but can choose to decline election voting privileges on matters they perceive to have a conflict of interest.  

Section 2: Insurance 

All Officers of the Board are to be covered by the corporation against any liability.  Liability insurance is renewed each fall to include all elected officers.  Property insurance is to be purchased for FoHPS purchased/funded school equipment and technology if not covered by LAUSD, and if a vote is ratified by the Board.

Section 3: Termination or Removal of Board Members 

Board members may be terminated from his or her duties due to excess absences (more than 50% of all Board/General Membership meetings) during the year (unless otherwise excused by a majority vote.)  A Board Member may be removed from office for other egregious reasons by a majority vote of the remaining Board.

Section 4: Board Meetings 

Regular officer meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the President.  Monthly meetings are recommended, on regularly scheduled days/times.  The President will be responsible for sending notices to all officers regarding upcoming meetings (date/time/location.)  Board meetings can be held at private homes as the general membership is not invited.

Section 5: Voting

All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority (51%) of the Board members.  Voting can occur at Board meetings or via email vote.  As soon as the majority vote is met, the President, or the officer calling the vote, does not need to wait for all votes to come in to announce the results.  Officers are expected to answer back timely on voting issues.


Section 1: Formation 

Committees are set up to accomplish the goals of the FoHPS.  General members may chair committees, but an officer of the Board must have final oversight for reporting back to the Board.  Officers can have oversight over more than one Committee if necessary.  Committees can be established at any time during the school year, but a master list will be formed during the summer for presentation at the first FoHPS meeting of the school year.  The Principal has final approval over all Committees.

Section 2: Budget

The President and Treasurer will have final say on all spending by a committee, but an allocation from the general budget must be approved on by a simple majority vote of the Board.  Funds are allocated at the beginning of the school year when the annual budget is presented to the general membership.  Committees can be revenue generating (fundraising committees), spending (project committees) and management committees (liaisons, grant research, communications, etc.).

Section 3: Committees 

Committees may vary year to year.  Current committees are: Annual Giving Campaign, Family Dinner Nights; Walkathon; Teacher Appreciation Week; PLB Liaison, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast; School Carnival; and School Beautification.


Section 1: Budget 

An annual budget of projected revenues and expenses should be set in April of the preceding year by the newly elected Board and ratified by a simple majority (51%) vote.  The budget may be modified as needed during subsequent Board meetings.  The Principal will have final approval of the budget.  The President and the Treasurer will have final oversight of individual committee spending within their budgeted allotment.

Section 2: Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year of the Booster Club begins July 1st, and, for bookkeeping purposes the budget begins July 1.  Separate accounting must be done by the Treasurer to prepare proper tax reports at the end of the fiscal year.

Section 3: Credit Card

A corporate credit card shall be maintained by the Treasurer and the President(s).  A limit of $1,000 is set by the bank for any one charge, which can be raised as needed with a phone call to the bank by a signee.

Section 4 – Reimbursable Expenses

No individual may spend any of the Booster Club money for personal purchases and no loans will be allowed.  However, approved Booster Club expenses will be reimbursed within fourteen days upon turning in a receipt to the Treasurer.


No officer or Director Liability: No Director or Officer of FoHPS shall be personally or otherwise liable for the debts, liabilities and /or obligations of FoHPS.









These bylaws may be amended when necessary by the Board.  Proposed amendments must be submitted at regular Board meetings and voted in by a simple majority of the Board present.

The bylaws should be modified as needed to note the change and growth of the FoHPS.



These bylaws were approved at a meeting of the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote on August 21, 2020.

Signed by:  /s/ Laura E. Robbins_________________   __9/17/2020______

FoHPS Secretary                                               Date

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