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General Updates: Moving into Summer

Dear Parents,

In the midst of recent challenges, we find solace in the strength and unity of our Hancock Park Elementary School community. As we approach the end of the year, let us reflect on the four pillars that define us: empathy, kindness, safety, and respect.

Empathy binds us together, enabling us to understand and support one another. It is through acts of kindness that we uplift spirits and create a positive environment. Safety remains our top priority, providing a nurturing space for our students to thrive. And respect forms the foundation of our inclusive community, valuing the uniqueness of each individual.

As we bid farewell to this academic year, let us carry these pillars with us, embracing them in our daily lives. Together, we can make a difference and foster a better world.

Remember to have your children read as much as possible. Dream Box will be available to you throughout the Summer.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and may your summer be filled with joy and cherished memories. We'll see you Monday, August 14th for the first day of school!


Principal Robin Wynne-Davis

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